Bonus Mission 7: Hank-ger Management

Hank-ger Management

Begin this mission just outside the Mansion. When you get control, start by melting the gold Avengers logo from the door downstage left.

Punch through the wall, then tear apart the hulk-handled machinery inside.

This drops the shield around the stage left turret.

Take it out with Wonder Man's beam weapon.

Surprisingly, Hulk actually has an anti-fire ability. Charge up his special and use it against the flames stage right.

Have A-Bomb go human and activate his stealth power. He can then assemble the pieces into a console, and sole the power grid problem thusly.

This fixes the snappy door downstage right, As with the other one- tear apart the hulk-handled apparatus to disable the turret shield.

Kill the turret, then run up to the shield and assemble the pieces into an anti-shield device.

Free 'your' Hank from his cage, and he'll join your team.

Have him follow Yellowjacket through the Marvel vents. Whichever vent he jumps into, or whicher pipe rattles, go there.

Do this three time to end the phase. Yellowjacket will then show up in his own war machine. Use Wonderman to melt the gold panel in front.

This exposes a hackable lazer maze. Have Ant-man run it to complete the mission.

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