River Salvage Blues

River Salvage Blues

Find a frustrated would-be salvager on a dock with a crane in the Old West.

Dive down, and blow the silver off an engine casing, then magic it into place.

There's smaller-seeming piece surrounded by weeds.

Cut away the greenery, then dig up the dirt to reveal another engine. This, too, can be magicked over to the platform.

The winch platform doesn't actually work, however. Look for a clue in the platform's shadow, beside some unusually full-bodied seaweed.

Follow the cluetrail to a dirtpile, which you can dig up for a grav booster. Activate it with a grav bomb.

This gets the salvage up above the water- pull it to shore by yanking the pull handle.

This completes the task and earns a brick.

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