Vetra Nyx: Means and End

Vetra Nyx: Means and End

Aboard the Tempest, after visiting the Aya Vault, a conversation with Vetra will turn into a conversation with Sid as well.

Sid has a line on some kidnapped settlers. You can cheer her initiative or share Vetra's skepticism, but either way you'll get a quest marker to check out an abandoned mine on H-047c.

As tempting as it is, don't try jumping the chasms on the surface, insteading looking for bridges to take you across.

Follow the navpoint to Crater Idriya, and the mine Sid told you about.

Drive into the airlock, then open the complex door to start the mission proper. The entire thing takes place inside, so you don't need any long-range sniping, but at least one accurate weapon for picking off enemy snipers in cover can be handy. Inside, you'll trip a laser, which opens a pit in the floor.

It also triggers a biotic memory scrambler which makes your entire party forget you're wearing jump jets (I'm inferring a bit, here).

In any case, you end up trapped, at the mercy of some merc named Meriwether, and surrounded by people grateful to Vetra for her help. Only Vetra has no idea who they are.

When you get control again, you can talk to Vetra (she really doesn't know what's going on), and the de facto leader of the prisoners, Galloway.

When you've leaned all you care to learn, head downstairs. The door is unpowered, but scan the generator to the left for ideas.

Activate the generator, then search for a power cable. There are actual several to choose from upstairs, but only one (the third one you come to) is usable.

Pick it up, then Use the generator to connect it. The door opens, but a silent alarm in triggered. Hustle the civvies to the room indicated.

Actually, you can't do a lot of active hustling- just go to that room and wait for the stragglers to catch up. Once inside, you can use the security camera to track the enemies (you'll see this mechanic several more times during the mission).

Once they've all run past, exit the cam. Wait for Ryder to tell the colonists they're safe, then exit and destroy the guards (just a handful of basic Raiders).

Stop back by the hiding room to check on the colonists, and reveal the ID of your Mysterious Ally.

As before, you can cheer Sid's independence or be appalled by her recklessness, but either way she's your decker for the rest of the mission.

Your next stop is the mess hall.Check a container and datapad inthe antechamber, then approach the door itself and use the security panel.

You can have Syd blow up a generator here, but the enemies are hardly worth it, Instead focus your attention on the Workshop, which has loot. Once it's open, storm the room. There's a sharpshooter on the balcony, and some specialists mixed in with the crowd, but the room is too cluttered for them to mount an effective resistance.

When they're gone, loot the three containers in the Workshop, but don't miss the container in the main room opposite.

Your next room is the menagerie.

You can't release the Eiroch, which is a sure sign that it'll be used against you later. Ignore the animals, but do disable the turrets. Room prepped, enter and clear.

The humans are just Raiders, but it turns out the 'eiroch' is a Fiend. Try to keep it on fire, and don't let yourself get cornered. Continuously moving between the upper and lower levels should make the beast easy enough to evade, though you may need to revive a teammate or two.

The next room has tons of options, but the net is also closing on Sid. If you're playing Insanity, you might want to disable the Hydra mech (though this will prevent you from scanning it, if you haven't scanned one yet.)

Otherwise, take them down the old-fashioned way.

No matter how much or how little you've been hacking, Sid will get captured as you leave the room. Reassure Vetra, and move forward.

The next room leads you straight into turret fire, and these ones pack a punch. Disable them using the Security Control Interface on the left hand side of the leftmost (or westmost) turret platform).

Clear the room, top off your ammo in the antechamber, then enter a cutscene. Meriwether has Sid hostage. When she tells you to lower your weapons, use the quick time event for a surprise shot.

Now you have elimate the guards. Take this one apart methodically- Meriwether has a lot of snipers and specialists, but few attacks that will drive you from cover. Just keep moving the line forward until everyone's dead.

Loot the fallen, then talk to Sid in the middle of the room.

No matter what you say, Vetra remains protective (it's hard to make a case for 'overprotective,' given that Sid was just cheek-to-cheek with a live grenade). Sid returns to the Nexus, and you are automatically returned to the NOMAD, with Vetra's loyalty.

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