Voeld: Stage a Rescue

Stage a Rescue

Location: Voeld

Earn this by talking to Skeot in Hjara station (as outlined in the On The Frontlines task). Follow your navpoint to a spot west of the Resistance HQ to find the labor camp.

There are a goodly number of fighters here, including a few heavies, and some of the first Destined you'll encounter.

Luckily, the sprawling layout and copious cover means you'll never need to contend with more than a handful at once. If you do start to flag, take cover in a section you've already cleared until your shields are up and cools are down. You can also spend these moments freeing the Angaran prisoners from their glowcages.

When the fighting's over, talk to Nilij, the uncle you were sent to rescue.

Agree to take the plans to Techiix, completing the mission, and starting Meet the Family.

Note that, if you didn't already have Evfra's favor,this will gain it, unlocking the A Trail of Hope questline. You can also loot the base here, but it's slim pickings. There is a container inside the main building, and an email terminal with a few interesting notes, though.

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