Jack’s 55th Birthday – Main House 1

Where to Find Everything in Main House 1

Main Hall: Jack & Inventory (in Shotgun Nook)


Upper Main Hall: Red Key Monster (Opens Rec Room Wing & Garage)


Rec Room Balcony: 1 Molded. The Mr. Everywhere figurine floats zig zags outside the trellis here.


Rec Room Hallway: Green Key Blobula (Opens Master Bedroom & Scorpion Door & Bathroom & Crow Door off Drawing Room). Herb in Drawer.


Bathroom: Green Lock. Cheap Wine & Dulvey Cru. Handgun Ammo and First Aid in drawers.


Bathroom Hallway: Handgun Ammo & Herb in drawers.


Master Bedroom: Green Lock. Handgun Ammo in bureau, Chicken, Shotgun Shells (on bedside table), Cake, Spice, Cheese.


Storage Room: Cheese, Spice, Grenade Launcher


Save Room Hallway: Lantern Marguerite as Purple Key Monster (Unlocks Dining Room & Kitchen).


Basement Stairs: Red Blaster


Save Room: Blue Lock. Chicken, Stew

Kitchen Hallway: Two Molded

Garage: 2 Arachnid Molded, Giant Blue Key Arachnid Molded (Opens Save Room & Laundry Room & Kids Room) Beer, Fruit, Cheese, Sugar. Handgun Ammo in filing cabinet, First Aid in locker, Burner on the the pegboard.

Den: Scyther. Dulvey Cru, Wine, Shotgun & Handgun Ammo in drawers.

Kitchen: Fruit, Stew, Spice

Pantry: Nothing. Also, the crawlspace is not accessible from here.


Dining Room: Purple Lock. Cheese, Beer, Chicken


Kid's Room: Blue Lock. 1 Scyther Molded, Blue Blaster, Chicken, Sugar. Neuro Rounds in cabinet, First Aid in drawer.


Attic: Dulvey Cru, Cheese, Fruit, Beer

RecRoom: Beer, Cake,

Laundry Room: Blue Lock. Cake, Stew. Handgun Ammo in filing cabinet.


Laundry Room Crawlspace: M21 Shotgun


Moldy TV Room: Spice, Sugar


Card Table Room: Sugar, Spice, Cake (slightly hidden on steel shelves).


Drawing Room: Cheap Wine, Cheese, Beer


Crow Room: Green Lock. Stew, Dulvey Cru


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