Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Infernal Place

This chapter starts out with a brief tutorial and an exploding can of whoop ass. After your little brawl, you'll enter a scene. Once you resume control of Nathan, follow the guard down the hallway and through the yard. Enjoy the harassment and the lovely scenery. Wait for the guard to open the gate and continue down the corridor. Be sure to enjoy the quality of customer care on the way down. Turn left at the next intersection, if you try to go forward the guard will force you in the right direction. You can turn left at the end of the hall but the guard will call you back to go through the closed door to the right. Your escort will direct which path to follow and after you exit the metal door you'll be introduced to the outside world.

After a brief scene and exchange between Nathan and Vargis, you will make your way down to slope. Slide down while steering yourself to the left and hop up onto the ledge. Make your way around the been and climb up the ledge, top side you will be facing a small structure, this is where your gear is waiting. There is a treasure down the well, be sure to grab it before you go.


The ledge to your right is a bit too high to reach on your own so use triangle to grab the box and push it towards the wall and hop on up.Press L3 to draw your attention to the prison cell at the top of the tower. Bring the camera back down and press L1 to hook onto the post.You could alternatively jump into the open air and press L1 to hook the post mid-jump. Swing across and jump onto the next ledge. Follow the path up to your next jump and apply the same tactics as before. This one is a bit tricky, as the ledge you are jumping to is angled. Hop over the ledge and begin scaling the wall. Make your way to the left and then head to the top where you will encounter another rope gap. Slide down to about halfway and jump, immediately pressing L1 to hook onto the post. Angle your swing to the right and hop onto the ledge and continue up. Once you reach the top walk out to your right onto the wooden plank.

Jump to the ledge and climb up onto the roof and walk out onto the plank. Jump across and make your way up the right side of the building. Go around the corner and hop to the top ledge, grab onto the barred window and jump to the next ledge up. Loop back around to the left side and drop down to the next barred window. follow the ledge and then vault through the window. There is a treasure and a note down below to find. for specifics on all the treasures refer to the collectibles guide at the end of his guide.


Now you have two options to advance here, drop down to the lower level and look up to the window that's been boarded up and use your rope to hook it. Back up while holding L1 to tear it out. You can also climb up and around the top, when you see the window jump at it and press L1, the resulting fall will break the windows automatically. Once it's broken climb back up to the top of the stairs and face the window. Hook the beam in the ceiling and rope across to the window, your almost there. On the outside, follow the ledges around the corner and then up to the next window. Here comes the game's first puzzle.


Take a look around the room and take note of the Zodiac symbols on the wall. 
Walk over to the cell door and just to the left is a symbol scratched into the corner, examine it and the press the touch pad to look at the letter.
Nathan notices the symbol on the top left and bottom right on the front and back of the letter respectively. Press X to fold the letter to reveal the Sagittarius and Scorpio symbols. Saggitarius = X and Scorpio = II, 10 and 2. Notice the rocks on the wall that have roman numerals scrawled onto them? You're not looking for individual stones but the product of the two numbers. So you're looking for XII. It's on the back wall of the room underneath the compass drawing. It's actually pointing right to the stone, so, there you go. Press Triangle to pull it out and pull out the treasure. It's a cross. flip it around and read the engraving. Time to get back now.


Walk to the cell door and force it open, drop down and hook the beam at the top of the open shaft. Hold L1 and slide down as far as you can go, Nathan will let you know. Swing across and jump to the ledge, pull yourself up and follow the path until you are facing an open window on the other side of the room. Jump over to the beam above the slope on the left side and drop down. When you reach the end of the slope, jump across and grab the ledge. Climb up and push the door open. Walk out onto the wooden ledge and press L3, see how close you are? just a hop, skip and jump away. Jump the gap and grab onto the beam in front of you and shimmy over to the left. Once you can climb up onto a ledge, do so and continue on.
Here comes another ledge. This time, jump over to the left and as you approach the bottom, be prepared to leap and hook the post coming out of the rocks. Swing across and jump over to the next ledge, pull yourself up come around to the front of the structure near you. Climb the tower by going up, then around the right corner, up further and then to the left. Continue up into the tower and exit through the left doorway and jump across the gap. Head up to the roof of the building and drop down the opening to the next cutscene.

A look, your friend is back. defend yourself until Vargis comes to the rescue and brings you in for a "talk".


well…that happened, now get ready to run.

Follow Sam and Raith until you come to a dead end where you need to help Sam pull the bars off the window in order to continue. Make sure you stick close to Sam while avoiding the guards gunfire. After running through the cramped corridors, you'll find yourself at yet another dead end. Raith will signal you to turn around and follow him up the ledge behind you. This, of course, leads to yet another blocked path. To your immediate left will be a fire escape.
Approach the wall and press Triangle to have Nathan boost Sam up to the ladder. Follow Sam and Raith up the ladder and over the rooftops. 

Approach the next gap and jump for it. Turns out Nathan is a little too heavy for the thin ledge and he goes crashing to the ground. Prepare for another fight. After a brief tussle and a hilarious take on the term "death from above", you need to make your way over to the top right corner of

the yard. Push the dolly back and crawl into the duct, making your way through the corridor. Once you come out the other end, don't stop. Follow the path and leap over the ledge. Raith will kick a ladder down and once you reach the top, just follow him across the rooftops. You won't slide down the roof so it's easier to cross the gaps between the guard towers. Once your safe (relatively) the game prompts you to press Triangle in order to help Sam across. Do so and a cutscene begins.

After that, follow Raith through the jungle until you come to a muddy slope. Slide down and take a trip into the ocean.
Now prepare for the real journey.

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