Chapter 3

The Malaysia Job

One hell of an opening huh?

You start out at the bottom of an unnamed body of water
Swim forward until you come to a fork in the road. Take the left side for some treasure and continue on that path for a clue as to what you're here for.

After you come on out the tunnel, swim down to find a busted cargo trailer. Approach the top side and inspect it. Nathan notes that there is still some cargo inside. Swim around to the back and open up the door. Swim to the back and find out how much of the cargo is missing. 
Swim back to the outside and look for the other two boxes you're missing. One box is trapped beneath the trailer but you have to find the other one before you can get to this one.


The other is outside and slightly to your left, snug between two bushels of seaweed. Grab it and head back inside the trailer, put it in with the others and head back out. The lift should be on its way down. attach it by swimming down and around the axles, attach it with Triangle and do the same with the other latch. Once you've done this, make room and the guys up top will raise it a bit for you. Swim underneath the trailer, grab the box and go strap it in with the other ones. Jobs done now, grab onto the lift and enjoy the ride.

Once you're over the boat, look down at the worker and press triangle to continue. 
Head up the stairs and talk to the foreman before heading to the other side to talk to the man in the red jumper.
Follow him over to the crates where he'll hand you a crowbar to open up the boxes and reveal your treasure.

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