You like fashion? This is a great game for you!

Design cheerleading wear to futuristic clothes in New York, Paris and of course in your hometown.

When you are in your design studio for the first time a lady will come in and ask you if you are Barbie. She will ask if you are a fashion designer, then she will tell you her name. That lady in the green dress is Cookie McFarlane; she is a famous fashion designer! She will ask you if you want to do a fashion show for her. Your first show will be "School Spirit". After you have designed the cool and cute clothing and chose all the models it's off to the stage! When you're there you get to choose the decorations, background, music, lights and the moves that your models will be doing. After you have done that it's time to see your show up close. You can take six pictures of the models to put in your scrapbook. You will have to do 2 more shows in your old studio before Cookie will arrive to take you to New York City.

Once you're in New York, you will have to make 4 outfits and choose 4 models! After 3 fashion shows you're headed to…Paris, where you create a wedding theme, a futuristic theme and a spring collection! When you have finished all of those designs you will be awarded designer of the year! You may think when that happens all is done - well you are wrong. Cookie will give ideas to make new fashion shows like a prom night or a safari but you will have to use the patterns she provided earlier in the game. Unfortunately Barbie's Fashion Show doesn't allow you to create your own patterns.

When you are at the design table be sure to use the Eraser if you just want a certain part to be erased never push the trash button for that only if you want to get rid of all the colour of one clothing item! If you press the hanger button Barbie will be wearing your clothes! It will take you out of the design table but all of your designs will be saved so to get back just click the design table again! You can choose different patterns and stickers for every design but you can only choose a couple of shirts and pants it can't be just any kind! Then choose out of 5 different models to wear you're clothing, you can also pick their shoes and hairstyle!

The game is really easy for kids who don't know how to read because all of it is speech driven! But kids aged 5-7 might have a hard time coloring some of the designs. For example if you wanted a belt colored black and blue pants, if you used the Fill Tool on the belt, the pants would be turned black too. To get small accessory items such as belts different colors, you have to use the Paintbrush tool to color inside it, which can be difficult for younger kids.

I would give this game a 10/10! It's a great game for creative girls ages 8 and up who have a sense of style! It's rated E for everyone.


System: PC
Dev: Mattel
Pub: Vivendi Universal
Release: Fall 2004
Players: 1
Review by Chloe (age 9)

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