Top Spin 3


Easy max skills

Create a player, and win some XP points to add to your skills (career, tournament, or online). Go to the "Player Area" and select "Player Evolution". Choose any skill. Highlight the skill and press X. Add the XP points you have and press X. Press X, remove the XP points you just added, then press Circle instead of X. The skill should still have the XP points you just added, and they will still be available to use again. Repeat this until you have approximately 35,000 XP points to max your player. To make things fast, when the skill you use reaches 100, only remove points until it is at 89 (orange). You will get about 4,000 points each time you do this.

Easy XP points

Once you have created your player and started playing in Career mode, every match you win will earn XP points. Disable the auto save feature. Once you reach Junior level, you will start getting 50, 70, or 100 XP points per match. You can accrue the XP points of two or three tournaments and spend them in the player area. When you finish improving the desired areas, save the player improvements, then exit Career mode without saving your career progress. When you play Career mode again, the tournaments you played will be available to be played again, as well as the player improvements.

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