Donkey Kong Country

  • Fifty lives

    Highlight the "Erase" option on the game selection screen. Then, hold Select and press B, A, R(2), A, L. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. When you start the game, you will now have 50 lives.

  • Hero mode

    Successfully complete the game with a 100% rank. Start a new game and select two player mode to access the "Hero mode" option. In this mode, you play as Diddy Kong only, with a new costume. There are no Donkey Kong Barrels, Checkpoint Barrels, or pictures.

  • Get Diddy's or Donkey Kong's boat to move when fishing

    When fishing, get a combo. When you see the exclamation mark above Diddy's head, you can go somewhere and he will follow you. This will help you catch more fish and get more combos.

  • In-game reset

    Pause the game, then press Select to exit the current level. Note: This can only be done in levels that have been previously completed.

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