Call Of Juarez

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ



  • Cheat Codes

    While playing the game, press ~ to display the console window. Then, enter one of the following case-sensitive codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function:

    Result Cheat Code
    Toggle God modeCheat.God([0 or 1])
    Full healthCheat.Heal()
    Extra ammunitionCheat.GiveAmmo()
    Toggle magic ammunitionCheat.MagicAmmo([0 or 1])
    Spawn rifle Cheat.GiveRifle()
    Spawn dynamiteCheat.GiveDynamite()

  • Multiplayer mode codes

    While playing on a multiplayer server, press Y or U to display the chat window, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

    Result Cheat Code
    Changes nickname; 14 character limit/Nick [nickname]
    List all players/PlayerList
    Commit suicide/KillMe
    Exit game/Exit

    Additionally, the following codes can be used by the server administrator:

    Result Cheat Code
    Log in an admin with password defined in
    ServerAdmins.scr file on the server
    /AdminLogin [username] [password]
    Log out admin/AdminLogout
    Kick specified player/Kick [nickname or ID] [reason]
    Kill specified player/Kill [nickname or ID]
    Switch server to the next map/MapNext
    Shut down server/ServerShutDown

  • Very Hard mode

    Collect 30 Wanted Posters to unlock the Very Hard difficulty setting.

  • Wanted Poster locations

    Episode I

      1. Adrian Sikora: Inside the chest in the major fixer upper to the right as you enter Jones' farm.

      2. Jakub Klarowicz: On the step of the wagon going to the driver's seat as you first enter Hope (the side it is on faces the street).

      3. Lukasz Adzinski: Inside the chest in Suzy's room at the Saloon.

      4. Pawei Marchewka: Top right drawer of the dresser in the first room of Crazy Frank's place.

    Episode II

    No wanted posters.

    Episode III

    Episode IV

      8. Adrian Ciszewski: Inside the chest on the right side under a tree at the first of the two camps that are together.

      9. Grzegorz Swistowski: Inside the chest next to the last set of double tents before the horses.

      10. Sebastian Helios: Inside the wooden crate after you drop down across the tracks from the mine entrance.

    Episode V

      11. Jan Borkowski: Inside the chest at the first room in the mine.

      12. Adam Jastrzebski: At the second fork, take the left path which almost immediately dead-ends with the poster on the wall.

      13. Pawel Kopinski: You will get to a tunnel that will split into a Y. On the left path you should see some sacks leaning up against the wall before you enter the room; the poster is in a wooden crate in that room.

      14. Maciej Jamrozik: After you get back outside by the train tracks, it is inside a chest in the shed.

    Episode VI

      15. Slawek Latos: Inside the chest on the right in the first train car you can enter.

      16. Lukasz Muszynski: Inside the chest in the second train car you can enter.

      17. Marek Pszczolkowski: Inside the chest behind the first seat on the right in the fourth train car in area with the water tower.

      18. Maciej Klokowski: Inside the crate on the far left on top of the hill where you shoot the wood blocking the door.

    Episode VII

      19. Przemek Marmul: Inside the middle drawer of the dresser in the first bedroom at the top of the stairs at the farm where you get a horse.

      20. Mateusz Manes: Inside the wooden trunk in-between two rocks at the burning wagon; the lowest corner of the wagon points directly at the trunk.

      21. Haris Orkin: On top of the hill under the arch; it is next to the ammunition and bottle.

      22. Michal Nowak: Inside the wooden chest beside the fireplace in the house for the hiredhands; after you exit the barn and jump the fence, it is in the house you land behind.

      23. Marcin Zygadlo: Top right drawer of the desk in the office room of the house under the clock.

    Episode VIII

      24. Marcin Piaskiewicz: Inside the top right drawer of the dresser in Molly's room.

      25. Piotr Prokop: After the corn field next to the horse and two guys on the ground; one of the hardest to find.

    Episode IX

      26. Przemek Kawecki: Inside the chest in the tent right at the beginning.

      27.Pawel Zawondy: Inside the cave on the mountain where the rattle snake is on the ground.

      28. Jakub Sikora: At the beginning of the second tunnel, it is left on the edge of the cliff.

    Episode X

      29. Marcin Sobanski: Inside the top right drawer in the cabin under the clock in the first house.

      30. Rafal Stasiak: On the gun rack in the front room of the last house.

    Episode XI

      31. Maciej Stelmaszczyk: Back left corner of the graveyard inside the little fence with a cross.

      32. Slawek Strumecki: Inside the wooden chest on the left side of the main room in the church.

    Episode XII

      33. Piotr Sztepiuk: After the ledge were the guys are talking, jump down to your left in the middle of the bones.

      34. Pawel Selinger: Inside a chest on an island in the middle of the water.

    Episode XIII

      35. Adam Tutaj: Second barrel on the right as you leave the mine part and enter the man made stone area.

    Episode XIV

      36. Waldek Kaminski: Inside a chest in the next to the last room on the right along the perimeter as you face the front of the house.

      37. Wojtek Pszczolkowski: After you descend the first set of stairs inside Juarez's, there will be a series of rooms on the left; the poster is in the last room inside a wooden chest.

      38. Konrad Zagorowicz: After the cutscene with Manson, enter the left room and then left again into the dead-end hallway; the poster is inside the chest. It is easiest to grab it after you defeat Manson.

    Episode XV

      39. Andrzej Zacharewicz: As soon as you climb the wall into the fort and after the cutscene, drop down and head right; it is inside a chest in one of the rooms that run around the wall perimeter.

      40. Piotr Wojtas: After you fight Juarez in the duel, go to the basement; it is inside a chest in the very first room to your left.

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