Activision Plans To Release Tons Of CoD DLC

Activision Plans To Release Tons Of CoD DLC


The CoD community has been clamoring to get their hands on some of the DLC that Activision promised back at Call of Duty XP . Well, if Activision’s Publishing CEO has anything to say about it, we should start to see DLC packs dropping pretty frequently.

In an interview with Wired, Eric Hirshberg revealed that Activision has changed the way they think about the Call of Duty franchise. “The idea of giving people constant incremental playable content and making it so you’re never more than a few weeks away from the next new experience within the Call of Duty universe is part of what we’re experimenting with,” Hirshberg said. “This franchise doesn’t really behave like most franchises,” he said. “It’s become something of a year-round activity for a large percentage of our player population.”

Up until now, CoD: Elite has felt a little like a bust. Its features still aren’t completely functional and content hasn’t been regularly updated. But if Hirshberg is right, Elite will become a centerpiece for the CoD franchise. Not only will it allow Activision to distribute their content quickly, it will help them communicate with customers and anticipate their community needs.

“The nature of this kind of service requires constant iteration,” Hirshberg said. “There are things [in development] that consumers don’t yet know they want… because they can’t imagine it,” he said.

The first Modern Warfare 3 DLC pack is headed to the Xbox 360 on January 24th. Keep your fingers crossed that the second pack will only be a few weeks behind it.

By Josh Engen

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