Call Of Duty Elite Beta Hits PS3

Call Of Duty Elite Beta Hits PS3


Today, Activision announced that PS3 owners will finally have their first crack at Call of Duty Elite, a service that Xbox 360 owners have been enjoying since July. From Activision:

Beta testers can take their current Call of Duty multi-player experience to the next level by jumping into the Beta version of the Call of Duty Elite service, as beta access will start to be activated in stages, with limited invitations rolling out effective today. The PlayStation community will have the opportunity to connect, compete, and improve through Call of Duty Elite and Play Together Better.

At the moment, the service has very limited functionality. Testers can to track stats, create/join custom player groups, check the schedule for competitive events and share video. These functions may not be entirely appetizing right now, but once Elite emerges from beta in November, all of this will change:

A major upgrade of additional features will come to Call of Duty Elite at its official launch on 8th November with Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare 3.

Premium members of Call of Duty Elite will also receive all downloadable content for the new blockbuster title Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. All of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 DLC, 20 pieces of new in-game content, will be available monthly during the 9-month DLC season. But for those still waiting to sign-up, DLC will still be available a la carte too.

It’s interesting that Activision is officially acknowledging this “9-month DLC season.” Isn’t that like admitting that MW3 and all the DLC will be outdated a scant 12 months from now?

Currently, the PS3 beta is closed and Activision is contacting potential testers as space becomes available, but it sounds like the move toward a public beta may be happening very soon.

By Josh Engen

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