CoD XP: CoD: Elite Includes Facebook Integration

CoD XP: CoD: Elite Includes Facebook Integration


Activision has been beta testing Call of Duty: Elite over the last several months, and the reception has been relatively lukewarm so far. However, with Modern Warfare 3 just around the corner, the publisher is releasing details about their new online service called “Call of Duty: Elite.”

Elite is 50% DLC delivery system, 50% social networking system, 50% premium content service. That math adds up, right?

Players will be able to connect their Elite subscription to their Facebook accounts if they would like to be notified when any of their Facebook friends are playing a Call of Duty title. This also means that you’ll finally be able to play with some of the people that you may have friended on Facebook, but not on Xbox Live.

Elite members will also be able to track scores, post them online, create custom leader boards to track rivalries, create/join a player-group based on their interests, and more. Activision is evidently taking social networking very seriously these days.

Subscriptions for Elite come in two tiers: the basic subscription, which includes everything mentioned above, and a premium package. True Call of Duty fans will definitely want to drop the $50 subscription fee for a year’s worth of Elite.

The premium service comes with premium video content (which has not yet been announced), free (and early) access to all downloadable content (such as map packs, game modes, etc), clan leveling, and refereed tournaments.

But, if you’re planning to buy MW3 and you can swing a few extra bucks, pick up the hardened edition of CoD:MW3. It comes with a year’s subscription to the premium Elite service.

Elite is in beta right now, but the new features should be rolled out by November 8th for Modern Warfare 3’s release.

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By Josh Engen

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