New CoD Title Will Bring “Meaningful Innovation”

New CoD Title Will Bring “Meaningful Innovation”


Whether it be in technology, gameplay, or delivery, every incarnation of the Call of Duty franchise brings a bit of advancement. But Activision is promising that the next CoD title will bring “meaningful innovation” to the series, and to the industry.

During yesterday’s investor call, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg announced that the development of the upcoming CoD title is well underway. “This year, we expect to further expand our presence with the launch of an all-new epic first person shooter title under the Call of Duty brand,” said Hirshberg. “From what we’ve seen the game already looks fantastic and will bring meaningful innovation to the franchise. I could not be more excited.”

The CEO also revealed that that Call of Duty Elite is about to get an assortment of new features within the next few months. “We plan to keep our foot on the gas with Call of Duty Elite,” he said. “Although we are pleased with where we are today, the objective of Elite is to make the total Call of Duty experience more fun and more engaging and we plan to launch additional features in the next 60 days.”

Some have complained that the Elite service wasn’t exactly what they signed on for. However, it’s in Activision’s best interest to make sure that fans enjoy the Elite experience, because it played a big role in the publisher’s $4.76 billion dollar year.

The company broke sales records with Modern Warfare 3, and Black Ops continued to sell well during MW3’s reign. Also, Skylanders became the bestselling children’s game of 2012.

In the end, Activision claimed the number one spot for console publishers in 2012, which isn’t all that surprising when you think about it.

By Josh Engen

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