Assassin’s Creed Lawsuit Author Gets Amazon Bombed

Assassin’s Creed Lawsuit Author Gets Amazon Bombed


John Beiswenger wrote a novel called Link about using a device to experience memories of your ancestors, a novel that has themes of religion and assassination in it. He probably can’t be blamed for believing Ubisoft has copied his works. Now he’s taking the game company to court.

The lawsuit threatens to delay or even completely block the release of Assassin’s Creed III, and this doesn’t sit well with Assassin’s Creed fans. They have been coming out in droves, posting negative comments and reviews about Beiswenger’s works on Amazon and other forums around the Internet.

Beiswenger’s lawyer, Kelly Keller, has said that these efforts by fans are futile. She told Eurogamer, “The Amazon ‘bombing,’ storm of negative comments, and threats to our client have no bearing on the appropriateness, merits, or outcome of this suit. They have no material effect on the legal claims.”

She also seems to state that there is a moral imperative for this suit to be successful. “Copyright laws exist to protect authors and creators from others who copy or create works that are, under the law, substantially similar; failure to enforce copyright laws renders them meaningless.”

When asked why it took so long for the copyright claim to be filed, Keller merely said, “The claim has been brought within the applicable time periods required under the law.” When asked to provide evidence that Ubisoft had access to Beiswenger’s work prior to Assassin’s Creed’s release, Keller did not comment.

By Angelo M. D’Argenio

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