Ubisoft Files Complaint Against Author Who Sued Them

Ubisoft Files Complaint Against Author Who Sued Them


John Beiswenger, author of the novel Link , had recently claimed that Ubisoft had stolen elements of his plot to make their Assassin’s Creed series. The two certainly do share some similarities. They are both about people using modern day technological devices in order to go back in time and relive the memories of their ancestors.

However, Beiswenger had a habit of not producing proof that Ubisoft had access to his works before creating their game, and much of the details surrounding Beiswenger’s supposed proof were kept secret by his lawyer.

Recently, Beiswenger dropped the charges because he didn’t have the money to continue to pursue legal action, but he made sure to keep his claims open so he could pick up the lawsuit at a later date.

Ubisoft was not okay with this. They filed a complaint against Beiswenger to get a ruling that his claims of copyright infringement were entirely unmerited. If Ubisoft is successful in doing this, then Beiswenger’s previous “without prejudice” lawsuit closure will be overruled. In simpler terms, Beiswenger will not be able to pursue further legal action against Ubisoftat a later date.

“The plaintiff in the case alleging copyright infringement by Ubisoft has dropped his claim, without settlement,” an Ubisoft representative said. “Ubisoft believes this suit was frivolous and without merit, and is seeking a ruling to prevent future related claims. We are proud of our creative teams and will continue to vigorously defend the intellectual property they develop.”

By Angelo M. D’Argenio

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