Biblical Fighting Characters Give New Meaning to “Bible Belt.”*

Biblical Fighting Characters Give New Meaning to “Bible Belt.”*


SNK is creating a fighting game of biblical proportions. It’s a heavenly fighter that’s as fun as hell. It features characters from the Bible. It’s a testament to the ultimate battle of good and evil that is certain to give new meaning to the definition of “bible belt.”

If you’re a fan of the beat-em-up genre, you’ll know the names of Ryu, Iori and Mai Shiranui. But now be prepared to recall some strangely familiar names as SNK creates a new roster comprised of characters from the bible. Be prepared to strike the fear of God into your opponent as you play as Moses, Sampson, King David, Noah, Pontius Pilate, Judas, David and Goliath, and Larry the Cable Guy.

“One of the guys on the development team tried to convince us that Larry the Cable Guy was mentioned in the bible,” says head developer Elvin Nuttard. “We all had a good laugh at that, but decided to include him anyway.”

Yes, the good book is about to get a whole lot better – especially when it comes to Judgement Day where the heroes will dish out retribution based on the eye-for-an-eye philosophy. The new roster of biblical characters will be empowered with special attacks that will become their unique signature moves. For instance, Moses will be able to part a sea of enemies, while the Arch Angel will be able to fly and throw his halo like a Ninja’s Shuriken. In order to power-up for your special attack all you have to do is pray. But this takes a few seconds and leaves you vulnerable to attack. Sometimes you’ll just have to turn the other cheek. But when your prayers are answered, look out.

Another great feature is the three-on-three tag teams that will include the most famous threesomes in history: The three wise men, and the father, son and holy ghost. These battles promise to be heavenly.

“This is not meant to offend religious people in anyway. Our message is the same as in the bible – if you’re going to do wrong, you’re going to get your butt kicked. What better people to kick butt than guys like Moses and Sampson? I’ve always been afraid of those guys,” Nuttard confesses.

There are also some vehicles that you can use to add to the carnage including Noah’s Arc, The Pope-Mobile, and Larry the Cable Guy’s pickup truck. “We’re not sure that a lot of people will be comfortable with the addition of Larry, but he’s certainly comfortable with many biblical characters, especially Jesus, Mary and Joseph, as he calls their names out every time he bumps his head, or something,” says Nuttard.

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