Can Sony Save PlayStation Plus at E3?

Can Sony Save PlayStation Plus at E3?

PlayStation Plus has been a hot topic among people who both do and don’t support Sony. I mean, a $60 a year service is going to cause conversations. There’s always a question about whether we’re getting enough value for our money. Especially since Sony’s servers aren’t always the most serviceable and the Instant Game Collection updates aren’t always astonishing. Each year, when E3 rolls around, there are rumors about possible changes to make it more exciting.

Today, we’re going to lean into that. We’re going to go over all of the things that Sony could announce at E3 2017 which could make PlayStation Plus seem like a better subscription service. If even one of these changes were made, it would make a lot of people happy.

Give Us Better Games!

This is the main complaint with PlayStation Plus, and it is an understandable one. Most months are lackluster, with only one or two good games. These are typically only good PlayStation 4 titles. This month is a good example. Life is Strange and Killing Floor 2 are both good games. The PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita titles are the forgettable Abyss Odyssey, Neon Chrome, Spy Chameleon , and WRC 5: World Rally Championship . Look back over the last few months and you’ll see similar issues. Abzu and Tales from the Borderlands were April’s only good games. Tearaway Unfolded made March worthwhile, and LittleBigPlanet 3 was a good, though dated, pick for February.

Instead of giving us one or two worthwhile games each month, how about kicking things up a notch and making it four great games? Maybe two for the PlayStation 4, one for the PlayStation 3, and one for the PlayStation Vita? Quality over quantity!

Launch Week Discounts Are Lovely!

Anyone with Amazon Prime or the Best Buy Gamers Club knows how great it is to get launch window discounts on games. Wouldn’t it be nice if all PlayStation Plus subscribers knew they would get a similar discount on all digital purchases? Give us 20% off for the first week of launch on every major release. If Amazon and Best Buy can do it, why not Sony? Especially since this is digital media, rather than physical?

Can Sony Save PlayStation Plus at E3?

Let Us Keep The Instant Game Collection Games!

When Microsoft launched Games with Gold, it had a rather generous offer. Xbox 360 owners were able to keep the games. They were free to own. While that later changed with the Xbox One, making games require the subscription to play, think about how great it would be if Sony pared back on PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection games, but then made it so they were yours forever after grabbing them? It would make me more likely to pay attention and subscribe. Especially when the system entered its twilight years.

Incorporate PlayStation Now!

Do you subscribe to PlayStation Now? I don’t. Like I’m going to pay an additional $45 a year for a sending service I might not frequently use. But imagine if Sony somehow managed to work PlayStation Now into the deal. Maybe it could offer some sort of timed play option for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Say you get 20 hours of PlayStation Now every month. It would be enough to give people a taste, wouldn’t completely invalidate a separate PlayStation Now subscription, and would get more people involved with the other service.

What PlayStation Plus announcements would you like to hear at E3 2017?

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