CoD: Elite Should Be At 99% Within The Next 2 Weeks

CoD: Elite Should Be At 99% Within The Next 2 Weeks


Activision has been battling major problems with their Call of Duty: Elite service since it launched last week. However, the developer insists that everything will be working almost flawlessly within the next 2 weeks.

Up until very recently, players were having difficulty even accessing the website. Elite’s developers had not planned for such an overwhelming number of users wanting to sign up for their service, but things have been gradually getting better. “It’s greatly improved,” Daniel Suarez’s, VP of Production at Activision told Game Informer. “We’re not out of the woods yet, but we are making progress. If you’re using the service hopefully that’s noticeable.”

Suarez also put a more definite time table on Elite’s full functionality: “Our goal is to have [Elite] up and running at 99 percent, in terms of features and stability, in the next two weeks,” he said.

But what about the PC version? Activision has been abnormally slow in getting Elite into PC gamers hands, but Suarez insists that it’s a priority: “We’re working on delivering a version for PC in tandem with the guys at Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer for something for Modern Warfare 3. We haven’t committed to what that is or the timing on that, but that is something we’re going to be doing.”

Unfortunately, Elite is far too vulnerable to cheating and stats modification at the moment. Once Activision is comfortable that crooked players won’t be able to inflate their own stats, I’m sure Elite will land in gamers’ hands very quickly.

By Josh Engen

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