Dark Souls II “The Lost Crowns” DLC Trilogy Announced

Dark Souls II “The Lost Crowns” DLC Trilogy Announced

Revealed in a press release published on Wednesday, June 4, Bandai Namco Games Europe and From Software announced a DLC trilogy for the critically acclaimed Dark Souls II , entitled “ The Lost Crowns trilogy”.

This trilogy will consist of three additional chapters to the game’s story, and it’ll take you through entirely original areas to face new and unknown enemies, challenges and fearsome bosses.

The first of this trilogy, “ Crown of the Sunken King ”, will be available in Europe and Australasia on Tuesday, July 22 for PC and Xbox 360, with a PlayStation 3 release arriving on Wednesday, July 23.

The second chapter, “ Crown of the Old Iron King ”, will release on Tuesday, August 26 for PC and Xbox 360, followed by the PlayStation 3 release on Wednesday, August 27.

The final DLC of the trilogy, “ Crown of the Ivory King ”, is slated to launch on Tuesday, September 23 for PC and Xbox 360, with–you guessed it–the PlayStation release arriving the day after on Wednesday, September 24.

There will also be a Season Pass for the entire The Lost Crowns trilogy via Steam and PlayStation Network for PlayStation 3, which became available on Wednesday, June 4.

We are pleased to offer this new Dark Souls experience with The Lost Crowns trilogy to players seeking for more challenges!” said Herve Hoerdt, vice president of IP strategy, marketing and public relations at BANDAI NAMCO Games Europe. “ With this Season Pass, Bandai Namco Games is pleased to extend the Dark Souls experience over this summer!”

In Crown of the Sunken King , you’re sent on a journey to reclaim the crowns that Drangleic’s King Vendrick once owned. The DLC is touted to feature an entirely different world within the Dark Souls II universe, where stepped pyramids span a vast underground cavern.

According to the DLC’s accompanying lore, it is said that the crowns lay buried beneath the cavern, and you must not assume that these crowns will be unguarded.

If you own an Xbox 360 and have Xbox Live Gold, you may be interested to hear that Dark Souls is now temporarily available for free via Games with Gold .

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