Early Cortana on PC Revealed in Windows 9 Leaks

Early Cortana on PC Revealed in Windows 9 Leaks

As reported by The Verge on Monday, September 15, leaked images of the “Windows Technical Preview” of the next iteration of the Windows operating system, Windows 9 (also known as “Threshold”), have revealed an early version of the Windows Phone Cortana on PC.

Along with virtual desktops, a new Start menu and a Notification Center, it’s implied that the digital assistant Cortana will also be implemented into the new operating system. It’s suggested that Cortana’s functionality will be combined with the operating system’s new search button that has been placed in the taskbar.

According to The Verge, Microsoft is planning to update the Technical Preview regularly, and it’s speculated that Cornata will likely debut once the digital assistant is ready to be fully tested.

It was rumoured back in mid-August that Cortana’s performance on the desktop was looking to be included in the final release of Windows Threshold, though such anticipations are still speculation at this point in time.

As it it currently stands right now, Cortana is an app that opens up a personal digital assistant, where you’ll either be able to type or verbally ask a question.

Unlike the Windows Phone variant, Cortana on the desktop doesn’t take up the entire screen. Though it is similar to the Windows Phone variant in terms of looks, the app’s window is said to take up roughly 25 percent of the screen with it being in the center. What’s more is that she still keeps her circular shape and she’ll also still be animated.

We’ve established that a new update to Microsoft’s Windows Phone will allow for the Siri-like Cortana to officially expand to other countries , including the UK and China, as part of the phone’s features.

Word of a Siri-like version of Cortana cropped up in September last year , and it was also rumored to be the voice of Bing back in January . The feature became available as an opt-in service back in April, and it’ll eventually also come to PC and Xbox One.

We’ll bring you more news on Cortana should further information reach our ears.

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