Honkai Impact 3rd Cheats & Cheat Codes for Windows, and More

Honkai Impact 3rd Cheats & Cheat Codes for Windows, and More

Honkai Impact 3rd Summary

There once was a storyteller…

Honkai Impact 3rd (a mouthful of a title), is the first (second?) of the Honkai games by Hoyoverse. For reference, they also made the world-famous Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail. To say this game is well-known is a bit like saying water is wet. Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say that Honkai Impact 3rd walked so Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail could run. Developed by Hoyoverse, this game was released on mobile platforms, and Windows. Sorry console fans, no port for you.

This game has a lot of different modes and a variety of differing gameplay styles. Ranging from third-person action, top-down shooters, on-rail driving sections, gacha, home and base building, and a lot more. Honkai Impact 3rd has no shortage of twists and turns, be it in plot, or gameplay. Speaking of plot, let’s take a look at it below!

Honkai Impact 3rd Premise

For fans of a certain mecha anime that left more than a few mental scars, the opening plot may seem a bit familiar. Earth is under attack by strange, alien beings that take the form of various creatures and people. Be they large mecha, squid-like monsters, or even undead ninjas. These are known as Honkai, and there have been two other attacks by them in the distant past. To fight these Honkai, there have been numerous attempts to create warriors who could defeat them. The most successful one is known as the Valkyrie program, where young women are put through rigorous training to be able to fight these creatures.

One of these Valkyries in training, Kiana Kaslana, is one of St. Frejya’s best and worst students. Gifted physically, quick-witted, and has a close “friendship” with Raiden Mei, one of the leading students of their year. But on one fateful day, a gigantic airborne battleship files overhead, and Kiana, Mei, and their robotic friend Bryona assault the ship. In doing so, they set off a chain of events that will forever change the world.

Honkai Impact 3rd Main Characters 

Honkai: Impact 3rd has many, many characters. Some of them don’t show up till later, but many are part of the main cast. So, with this in mind, let us focus on the playable characters in the main story, and then have a character list for those who appear in side content. I will also mark when spoilers appear for characters who appear later.

Each character has different “battlesuits” that give them different abilities/appearances. But, for the sake of simplicity, we’ll list the characters themselves, not the battlesuits one by one. If we did, that would take far too long.

Also, if you see any characters that share the same name as Honkai Star Rail, uh, don’t be surprised. There’s a reason for that.

  • Kiana Kalsana. The main protagonist! Kiana is a gun fu wielding Valkyrie who’s always ready for a fight, and always with a smile!
  •  Kiana’s other half.  The one who commands the void itself…A sovereign. A Herrscher.
  •  Raiden Mei. Kiana’s maybe girlfriend? Uses a katana, and has control over lightning. To that end, uh, don’t piss her off, she has a dragon for a pet. She is also the basis for the Raiden Shogun of Genshin Impact. Many characters from Genshin Impact can be tied back to this game in some way.
  •  Bryona. Unlike the Bryona of Star Rail, this one wields a larger mecha and may be an android. Or a cyborg.
  •  Fa Hau. This author’s personal favorite. The who-knows-how-old teacher who knows how to beat a man into the past with her kung fu.
  •  Murata Himeko. The flame mistress, whose fire eclipses even that of the sun. Nothing bad will ever happen to her, ever.
  •  Theresa Apocalypse. The short but probably older than most of the adult headmasters of the school. Her cross is also a gun!
  •  Bianka “Durandal” Ataegina. The strongest Valkyrie, and may be related to Kiana in some way. They do follow the same lines of logic after all!
  •  Rita. A strange scythe wielder who may or may not be an assassin. But she also dresses like a maid. Not quite sure why.

Okay, those are all of the main playable characters. Here are the extras/side content/those who appear later:

  • Seele Vollerei. Just as it was in Star Rail, Seele once again wields a scythe in her first incarnation! But, unlike that Seele, this one has a bit of a darker half, as it were.
  •  Susannah Manatt. A Dancer, of sorts. She becomes more important after the main story is completed!
  •  Asuka Langely. Yes, if that name sounds familiar, that’s because this Asuka is the same one from Neon Genesis Evangelion (they had a crossover event). The Tsundere.

Honkai Impact 3rd Titles of Video Games in the Series

  • Honkai 3rd Impact (2016)
  • Genshin Impact (2020)
  • Honkai Star Rail (2023)

Honkai Impact 3rd Cheat Codes 

Okay! With that out of the way, let’s go over a few cheat codes…

None can be found, and for good reason! This is an online game, so there’s no cheating involved. There are, however, codes you can enter for crystals. That said, these codes are only available for a limited time. As of December 1st, these codes are in effect. However, they will expire after some point, so use them right away!

  • HONKAI23 – 9,999 coins, one Herrscher of Human: Ego Trial Card (three-day), and one Starless Rift (new!)
  • YATTASENTI – 30 crystals, 2,888 asterite, and one SSS Trial Card Option.

To give you an idea of how many codes are used, and then expire, here is a list of no longer useable codes. Again, these codes are no longer usable. But they are a good indicator of how they are made, and what to expect.


With that, let’s also go over two tips and tricks!

  • Remember, its a Gacha Game. And Gacha Games are all about gambling. So, while it is possible to be free to play, the temptation will always be there, so if you want to spend money on characters and outfits, just make sure you have the budget for it.
  • Do the Starter Events. For new players, try to get the Starter Events done. Aside from teaching you how to play the game, they also reward you with crystals, items, and characters! The end result being a bounty of stuff that will assist you in your journey!

Honkai Impact 3rd Cheat Code FAQ

Is Honkai Impact 3 as good as Genshin Impact? Honkai Impact 3rd is showing its age, but it also has a variety of gameplay styles that not even Genshin has. Plus, some might like the setting a bit more.

Is Honkai Impact 3 about to end? Kiana’s story has reached its end, but there are other tales to tell in this world.

Is Honkai Impact 3 for boys? The Game is for anyone and everyone. Boys, girls, or others.

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