Indie Royale New Year’s Bundle Live

Indie Royale New Year’s Bundle Live


Have a hankering to pay a little and get a lot of gameplay? Following in the footsteps of the Humble Indie Bundle is the Indie Royale Bundle, now in its New Year’s iteration. The latest bundle includes something for fans of both shooters and RTS games, as well as creative platforming, music puzzling, and Space-Invaders-with-a-twist aficionados (there are aficionados of those things, right?)

Here’s what you get in the Indie Royale New Year’s Bundle:

  • Nuclear Dawn – Play on the ground, as a soldier in a squad, or take to the sky as a commander, ordering your teammates around and providing them with weapons, spawn points and equipment to aid in their fight.

  • Max and the Magic Marker – Adventure through colorful environments and use the titular Magic Marker to create platforms as well as objects to solve puzzles and protect Max.

  • Fractal – I’ll be honest: looking at the video and description for this game, I’m not entirely sure what’s going on, but it’s a music puzzler that involves hexagons shifting around on a hexagonal grid to fast-paced beats and colorful visual effects.

  • Super Crossfire – Imagine Space Invaders, but kick the action up a few dozen notches and add the ability to instantly teleport between the top and bottom of the screen at will. That’s Super Crossfire.

    Contrary to how the Humble Bundles work, the Indie Royale Bundles do have a minimum price. However, those who pay more than that for it, above a certain threshold, will reduce the price for everyone else, as well as receive a digital copy of George & Jonathan’s Beautiful Lifestyle chiptune album. They assert that it is funky.

    All games are downloadable through Steam, Desura, or DRM-free direct download, and they’re PC and Mac compatible.

    By Shelby Reiches

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