Is This The New PlayStation Controller?

Is This The New PlayStation Controller?

A peculiar image cropped up on Destructoid today. The image shows what looks to be a revised PlayStation controller being plugged into a development kit of some sort. Destructoid theorizes that this may, in fact, be the new controller for the PlayStation 4. If so, then we are in for some big changes.

First of all, the controller is wired. Much like the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation, the controllers wire is actually attached directly to the controller itself. The cable coming out of the controller is a USB cable, however, not some proprietary port.

The controller is a little fatter, with rounder handles and a slightly budging top. Situated on top of the controller appears to be a blue light source, which is shining a color that looks very similar to a color used by the PlayStation Move controller. This may mean that the PS4 will have the PlayStation Eye built in, and that controllers themselves will be able to use PlayStation Move technology by using the lights at their top.

The front of the controller shows that there are no start and select buttons at all. Instead, there is just a home button with a speaker, or perhaps a microphone, over it. The middle of the controller appears to either be a touch screen, or a touch pad of some sort. It’s very obviously some sort of touch related surface.

The analog sticks appear to have undergone a slight redesign. The tops of the analog sticks are now recessed, making them look more like Xbox analog sticks.

The standard PlayStation controller layout remains constant – Two triggers, four face buttons, one d-pad, and two analog sticks. The face buttons are still labeled with shapes in standard PlayStation tradition. However, there are a few other interesting aspects to this controller. Slightly above the d-pad is a rectangular recess, and slightly above the face buttons is a triangular one. Perhaps these are the new start and select buttons? There also seems to be a button, or port, or something sticking out of the bottom of the controller under the home button, but it’s hard to see what it is yet.

Destructoid has not posted the source of their image, so take this all with a grain of salt. In addition, if the image itself is of a devkit, then the controller design may not be final. It’s likely that we would see several revisions of it before the PS4 is officially released. Still, this gives us an interesting look into what the PlayStation 4 might be capable of.

Source: Destructoid

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