Mass Effect Producer Confirms Bug Fixes for Andromeda, BioWare announces The Journey Ahead patches

Mass Effect Producer Confirms Bug Fixes for Andromeda, BioWare announces The Journey Ahead patches

Mass Effect: Andromeda having technical problems is a dead horse at this point, but what exactly BioWare is doing about those problems is another story entirely. Today, BioWare announced its plans to roll out various fixes in patch form. The game’s producer has also been chatting with players about specific bug fixes on Twitter.

In a blog post called “The Journey Ahead”, BioWare lays out its plans to patch Mass Effect: Andromeda . The first patch comes out this Thursday and subsequent changes will continue over the next two months.

In this week’s patch, BioWare is fixing facial animations, lip syncing, and allowing players to skip more transitional sequences, such as those when traveling between planets on the galaxy map. Inventory space is also being increased, and a few more improvements such as how human and asari eyes look is also part of the patch. In later updates, more cosmetic options will be added, more bugs will be fixed and male romance options for Scott Ryder will also be improved. That’s a lot of adjustments; it almost makes Mass Effect: Andromeda feel like a new game, on paper.

Mike Gamble, who is the Producer of Mass Effect: Andromeda , has been chatting with gamers on Twitter about specific bugs. The first bug is some weirdness with the sibling character somehow triggering the scanner not working. Considering the scanner is one of the big parts of the game, that’s not good!

The second one is wild. A Twitter user showed Gamble footage of a Mass Effect: Andromeda cutscene starting, then the speaking character vanishing, being replaced with a random, other character model and vanishing again. Wow. Gamble responded to the first one saying it’s a “known issue,” and the second one saying, “…literally fixed this one this week. Was pretty hard to track down.”

So BioWare is definitely hard at work trying to salvage as much as possible, and this kind of transparency is a goodwill gesture that will go a long way.

Source: GamingBolt , Mass Effect Website

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