Matter Coming 2013, New Details Given

Matter Coming 2013, New Details Given


One of the more mysterious announcements of E3 was the reveal of Matter, an upcoming Xbox exclusive from Rango and Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski. Other than a particularly vague Portal-meets-Tron-style trailer, virtually no details on the game have been given.

Today, however, Corporate VP of Microsoft Phil Spencer has shed a little bit of light on the new project. Matter, a Kinect title, will be the first project from Blind Wink Games, and is scheduled to hit Xbox LIVE Arcade sometime in 2013.

Spencer says that Verbinski himself pitched the game, and that the famed director desired to create a title which simultaneously connects players’ physical movements with their emotions.

“He had been exposed to Kinect, and had this idea for a game,” Spencer says. “We heard the pitch and we were able to find a developer to plug in. So it was really born of his mind, and his idea.”

“To a lot of people who haven’t played games for a long time, somebody standing completely stationary with a controller in their hands kind of seems emotionless, even though we know that we’ll be sweating or twitching,” Spencer notes. “And [it was] his feeling, that with motion and movement, that the connection of the emotion that’s happening on screen and how the player feels would be more natural.”

Other than those general goals, most details about the game are still unknown. Spencer did say that the silver spheres shown in the E3 trailer are used as “control surfaces,” so…that’s something to ponder, I suppose. After that, expect more details about Matter to slowly be revealed as we approach next year’s launch.

By Jeff Dunn

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