MechWarrior Online Coming In 2012

MechWarrior Online Coming In 2012


The MechWarrior franchise has been somewhat nonexistent since Mercenaries was released in 2002, but for anyone who enjoys piloting a gigantic, lethal suit of armor, Piranha Games has some good news. The developer has announced that MechWarrior Online would hit the shelves in the second half of 2012.

“We’re excited to lead the MechWarrior franchise online for fans of the series,” said Russ Bullock, one of the founders of Piranha. “We’re proud to partner with Infinite Game Publishing, and are thankful for the fans of the MechWarrior series that have been so patient for the next MechWarrior game to arrive. Infinite Game is a partner who understands both the world of games publishing and the crucial technical needs of today’s AAA online gaming experiences.”

MechWarrior Online is a reboot of the Mech franchise, which will have many of the same elements from the previous titles, but players will also have the ability to customize their mech’s weapons and appearance. So far, Piranha has only revealed two online modes, Conquest and Versus, but I’m sure more information is on its way. MechWarrior Online will also be free to play, and the developer currently only plans to release it for PC.

However, Piranha Games doesn’t exactly have a prestigious history of game development. Their most recent venture was a little game called Duke Nukem Forever.

Hopefully they’re looking to redeem themselves.

By Josh Engen

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