Microsoft Reveals Reward Squad Details

Microsoft Reveals Reward Squad Details


Microsoft announced the details today of their Xbox LIVE Rewards pilot program.

Apparently Microsoft will give players substantial MS point rewards for renewing their LIVE Gold subscriptions (60-200 points depending on the length of subscription), subscribing to Netflix (200 points), making your first Marketplace purchase through the program (100 points), and for participating in surveys (100 points each!).

Moreover, to reward loyalty, players can accrue point-back monthly bonuses (up to 5%) on total points spent. This percentage will continue to increase until you reach the 5% maximum depending on how long you have remained a LIVE Gold member.

Company line and announcement graphic featured below.


“…For the next six months, the Rewards Squad will hook you up with Microsoft Points just for doing the stuff Xbox LIVE members do all the time. You’ll score points not only for renewing your Gold subscriptions; you’ll get a reward on what you spend on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. The best part is, the more you spend, the more you get, and for each month you stay on Gold, the higher your monthly reward up to 5% of your Marketplace spend.”

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