Modern Warfare 3 Will Have Dedicated Servers. PC Gamers Rejoice.

Modern Warfare 3 Will Have Dedicated Servers. PC Gamers Rejoice.


Remember when Modern Warfare 2 hit the market and PC gamers were audibly agitated because Infinity Ward didn’t include a dedicated server option? Gamers were irritated by the host-based server structure in MW2, and to be fair, they had every right to be. If all of this sounds unfamiliar, it’s probably because you’re a console gamer. It probably also means that you don’t need anger management courses.

Well, PC gamers across the globe can finally start exchanging high-fives, because the folks at Activision have announced dedicated server support for their upcoming Modern Warfare 3 title.

The news came in the form of a tweet from Glen Schofield of Sledgehammer games, a developer that has been assisting Infinity Ward with Modern Warefare 3. Schofield Tweeted “Free dedicated servers for #MW3 PC confirmed! We are excited to be bringing this back to Modern Warfare.”

Schofield’s announcement underlines Activision’s dedication to the PC market, which could be a crucial factor to the success or failure of MW3. With EA gearing up to release Battlefield 3 around the same time, Activision can’t afford to leave PC gamers in the lurch.

All of this begs the question: now what excuse will PC gamers use when I shoot them in the face?

By Josh Engen

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