PlayStation App to Launch in EU after Delay on November 29

PlayStation App to Launch in EU after Delay on November 29

Back in late October I wrote a news piece on the PlayStation App and wrote about how it’d hit iOS and Android in the US and EU on November 13 and November 22 respectively. Whilst only one of those dates turned out to be right, the EU is still lacking its regional version of the app, as it is now three days after the app was meant to hit the digital shelves. Not to worry however, because Sony has stated that the app is coming, and it will be available in time for the PlayStation 4’s launch in Europe!

Sony want to make some final tweaks and changes to the app to make sure that the experience with using the app is super slick for players before the PS4’s launch in the EU this Friday. Since the app was originally shown off back in September, there have been a number of additional features added to the app to offer a “richer, more immersive mobile PlayStation experience,” most of which were already detailed in the news piece I mentioned above. As a brief overview though, here’s what you’ll be getting should you install the PlayStation app to your Android or iOS device:

●See what your friends are playing, compare your trophy collections, view your profile, and track recent activity.

●Chat with your friends. You can receive notifications, game alerts, and invitations through the app, and then use your mobile device as an on-screen keyboard for the PS4.

●Browse PlayStation Store, pick-up the latest games and add-ons, and push them to your PS4 system so they are ready to play when you get home.

●Take advantage of second-screen features on supported games (such as The PlayRoom), offering additional game content and/or alternative control options.

●View PlayStation guides, game manuals and, of course, PlayStation Blog.

I’m looking forward to getting this app, and getting my own PS4 too. I reckon I’ll be getting the app before the console, but I can dream!

Source: PlayStation.Blog EU .

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