PS4 May be CoD: Advanced Warfare’s Lead Console

PS4 May be CoD: Advanced Warfare’s Lead Console

On Thursday, May 1, a trailer for the next installment to the Call of Duty franchise, titled Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare , revealed Sledgehammer’s first dip into the series outside its collaboration with Infinity Ward on Modern Warfare 3 .

Though the reveal trailer claims to showcase Xbox One footage, industry insider Ahsan Rasheed tweeted that, due to a believed marketing deal, the Xbox One will not be Advanced Warfare’s lead console. It will instead be Sony’s PlayStation 4, Rasheed speculates.

Also I want to say one thing to all the Xbox One fans that keep telling me COD is X1 lead platform. It’s not. It’s a marketing deal, ” Rasheed tweeted . Here’s the part you should pay attention to. Developers inside Infinity Ward prefer the PS4. Majority will use it to play at home, ” he continued . “ Put that inside your head. The developers who made the game. Majority will play the game on PS4 at home with friends, ” he added .

When he was challenged over Twitter, Rasheed responded that, despite Advanced Warfare being developed by Sledgehammer and not Infinity Ward (which has absorbed Guitar Hero developer Neversoft under its wing as of Monday, May 8), the PlayStation 4 version of the title will still be the definitive console version.

So cute. If you think the PS4 version won’t be the definitive console version technically. I have some bad news.

Rasheed also stated back in late March that “ select titles ” from PlayStation One and PlayStation 2 will be supported on the PlayStation 4 with native 1080p rendering.

Sledgehammer has revealed that it is optimistic about big budget titles, such as Call of Duty , still having a place in the videogames industry as time moves forward. The studio has also expressed its excitement for developing its own Call of Duty title, calling it the “ most ambitious, most creative game [it has] ever made. ” Furthermore, Full Metal Jacket actor Ronald Lee Ermey has offered up his voice for Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Drill Instructor Voice Pack ”.

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