Saints Row dev hires 100 more Staff, Studio to be Remodeled

Saints Row dev hires 100 more Staff, Studio to be Remodeled

As reported by GamesIndustry on Tuesday, July 15, Saints Row developer Volition is planning to hire 100 more staff members, which would tally a total headcount of 300 employees. Furthermore, the developer is also planning to remodel its studio in Champaign, Illinois.

According to GamesIndustry, Volition’s plans were revealed as a result of an application to the City Champaign for financial assistance in the developer’s remodelling efforts.

The application asks for the financial aid of $200,000 for the building work and a further $1,00 for each new staff member to offset the cost Volition’s plans. Should the application fail, the developer will seek for financial assistance elsewhere outside of the city.

A meeting with Volition and the City Council took place on Tuesday, and GamesIndustry reports that, because of the importance of the studio to its surrounding businesses, the developer would have been inlined to reach of compromise.

Furthermore, according to a memo that was sent to the City Council, the push for the most effective solution to Volition’s remodelling plans came directly from its parent publisher Deep Silver.

We’ll bring you more on Volition’s remodeling efforts should further information reach our ears.

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