The Forgotten City Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Cover art for The Forgotten City.

The Forgotten City Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Does The Forgotten City have any viable cheat codes?

Embark on a gripping adventure through the ancient, historically accurate Roman city in The Forgotten City. This re-imagined narrative-driven game, born from an award-winning mod, delivers an immersive experience where every choice you make genuinely matters. Dive into a world where the curse of the city is simple but dire. If one person sins, everyone faces death. As a player, you must explore an open-world environment filled with authentic art, architecture, and costumes. The game offers a deep sense of historical immersion and exploration.

The heart of the game lies in its non-linear mystery, offering multiple endings to uncover as you journey 2,000 years into the past. Engage with a diverse cast of interactive characters whose destinies intertwine with your choices. The decisions you make will not only influence your path but also the fate of the city itself. Moral dilemmas loom large, and how you resolve them will have life-and-death consequences. In The Forgotten City, you’re in control – choose your character’s sex, race, and backstory. Solve problems using various approaches, whether through reason, charm, bribery, intimidation, orcleverly exploiting the intriguing time-loop mechanic. The power to shape this enigmatic world is in your hands, offering a rich and dynamic gaming experience.

Modern Storyteller developed The Forgotten City, a team led by Nick Pearce. Furthermore, this highly anticipated game was released on July 28, 2021, and has quickly become a fan favorite.

The Forgotten City Premise

In The Forgotten City, players embark on a captivating journey through a narrative-driven adventure. You’ll delve deep into the intricate relationship between humanity and its laws. The tale begins with the player’s character awakening after a dramatic rescue from the Tiber River in Italy. You’re quickly tasked with searching for a missing friend who vanished while exploring nearby ruins. These ruins unexpectedly transport the player back in time to the heart of the Roman Empire.

The city operates under a chilling rule – the Golden Rule (originally known as Dwarves’ Law).

If any resident of the city commits a sin, they face dire consequences as they are turned into gold statues. As the player unravels the mysteries of this enigmatic city, they uncover the ambiguity surrounding the specific sins that trigger the Golden Rule. The city’s golden inhabitants whisper secrets, secrets that only the player can hear.

The player holds a unique power – the ability to restart the time loop by re-entering the portal and retaining physical items and crucial information. As the plot unfolds and players navigate a web of complex characters, each with their compelling backgrounds and perspectives, they must grapple with moral dilemmas that significantly impact the course of the narrative. Originally derived from a 2015 mod, the game’s plot has since evolved, shifting from a Dwemer ruin to ancient Rome and expanding with multiple new endings. This masterpiece is a gripping exploration of choices, consequences, and the essence of law and morality, with plans for future expansions through mods on the horizon.

The Forgotten City Main Characters

This game has characters from the past and present allowing the player to weave a unique story.

  1. The Player Character: The player-controlled character whose backstory and characteristics are determined by player choices.
  2. The Golden Rule Overseer: The enigmatic figure responsible for enforcing the Golden Rule, a central element in the game’s plot.
  3. Galerius: An essential character who assists the player in unraveling the city’s mysteries and comprehending its history.
  4. Aelia: A resident of the city with her own distinct storyline, contributing to the unfolding narrative.
  5. Decius: Another resident of the city with a unique perspective and a storyline that adds depth to the game.
  6. Celatus: A character who conceals their true identity and motivations, intensifying the intrigue and complexity of the story.
  7. Sentius: A crucial part of the narrative, with connections to the city’s past and hidden secrets.
  8. Licinia: A character whose actions and choices significantly influence the game’s outcome and moral dilemmas.
  9. Fabia: A resident of the city with her own backstory, interactions, and contributions to the narrative.
  10. Marcellus: A character with a role in the unfolding events of the game and ties to the city’s enigmatic history.

The Forgotten City Cheat Codes

So there are console commands to incorporate cheat codes into the game. Here is how to use them.

Using Console Commands:

To utilize console commands in The Forgotten City, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the command console with the backtick key (`), which is usually located above the Tab key on your keyboard. Note that the default key for the console might not work in all regions.
  2. If the default console key doesn’t work or if you prefer to set a custom key, you can change it by accessing the in-game settings menu. Go to the bindings section and set the Game Console key to a simple key of your choice, such as ‘k’ or ‘/’. This will allow you to bring up the console window in-game.
  3. Once the console window is open, you can input various commands to alter the game environment and your character’s abilities. Use the commands from the chart below as needed.

Console Commands:

Here is a table chart of the console commands and their effects:

Toggle flying and phasing through objects (on/off)ghost or noclip
Adjust game speed (1 = default, 0.5 = slow motion, 9 = very fast)slomo # (e.g., slomo 5)
Enable immortality (has to be re-enabled after every new cycle)god
Obtain the default flashlightgive flashlight
Acquire a bowgive bow
Get the golden bowgive bow_gold
Add arrows to your inventory (replace # with the desired number)give bow_arrow # (e.g., give bow_arrow 5)
Stock up on bullets (replace # with the desired number)give ammo # (e.g., give ammo 5)
Collect Denarii (coins) (replace # with the desired number)give coin # (e.g., give coin 5)

The Forgotten City Cheat Codes FAQ

What are the achievements for The Forgotten City?

LooperLoop through time once
The Many Shall SufferReach Ending 1 of 4
The One That Got AwayReach Ending 2 of 4
The Ones That Got AwayReach Ending 3 of 4
The Canon EndingReach Ending 4 of 4
Grave RobberSteal 2000 coins after the Golden Rule is broken
Super LooperLoop through time ten times
HerculeanConfront the creator of The Golden Rule
ArchaeologistDiscover what lies beneath the city
SleuthFind all three missing persons
SurvivorSurvive the Palace
Law Abiding CitizenFinish the game without looping through time once
MinimalistReach the best ending with the smallest number of loops
StrikerTopple 10 peeled statues by kicking others into them
Silver TongueTalk your way through every possible confrontation
Avid ReaderRead 10 different grafitti
UnhygenicPick up the sponge on a stick
Smooth TalkerGet rejected by Aurelia
Golden ArcherGild your first thing
MaverickSkip Galerius’s Tour
FibberLie 10 times
MedicSave Iulia’s life
CounsellorSave Ulpius’s life
TricksterSave Fabia’s life
Lion TamerSolve Vergil’s problem
LiberatorHave Duli released from his cell
Match-makerHelp Galerius romance Equitia
TouristUse Photo Mode
Treasure HunterFind treasure using the golden bow

What is the golden rule in the Forgotten City?

There’s only one rule in this ancient, Roman city: The many shall suffer for the sins of the one. The whole game is built around this rule. The player is exploring how this functions in a society as well as how it effects their brain.

Is The Forgotten City long to beat?

We take the information from this website. It polls users, who then rate how long it took them to beat the game. It’s a great way to tell how long a game will take.

PlaystylePolledAverageMedianRushedLeisureMain Story2245h 49m5h 30m3h 39m8h 10mMain + Extras5638h 39m8h 13m6h 8m13h 19mCompletionist23110h 36m10h7h 39m17h 39mAll PlayStyles1K8h 28m8h 1m4h 57m16h 37m

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