Tons Of PS3 Game Info!

Tons Of PS3 Game Info!


The Tokyo Games Show has revealed tons of information about games that will be available for the PlayStation 3 and we at Cheat Code Central have compiled it all for your hungry eyes. We don’t have a lot of details yet, but check out all the new info!

Armored Core 4

Project Force (also the creators of Chrome Hounds for the Xbox 360) has been officially announced the PS3. No release date is known yet.

Makai Wars

The RPG that was originally planned for the PSP has been announced for the PS3 in the future sometime.

Alone in the Dark (sequel)

The game is being produced by Atari for the PlayStation 3 and will be available sometime next year.

Jikkyo Powerful Pro Baseball

This game was announced for the first time today at TGS. The trailer showed a big-headed pitcher pitching a fiery ball to a big-headed batter who hits the ball through the scoreboard. More details about this game should be coming soon.

Gradius (sequel)

Konami has announced that a new Gradius game is coming to the PS3. The popular space shooter has no release date yet.

Brother in Arms 3

No details are known about the game yet, but Sony has let us know that the game will be arriving on the PS3.

KOF Maximum Impact 3

The game was officially announced today, but no details are known yet.

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