Machine Man: Cybersleuth

Hit the marker by the big torus to begin.

Head to the cargo depot and follow your scanner. Watch out for LEGION hidden among the boxes- most are helltroopers, but there is a snipertrooper lurking behind you as well.

Shoot off the container lock, and scan the contents for clues.

Follow your marker to a warehouse with more intel. The door will be guarded by helltroopers and a helltrooper commander.

Once inside, dispose of helltroopers and blitztroopers, then hack the terminal for the manifest.

Now you'll be heading back to the city proper- there's a lair that needs raiding.

Enter the lair,and play a quick game of 'Defeat All Enemies' with some swarmtroopers, then investigate the computers in the next room.

Each hack summons a wave of enemies. First helltroopers. Then blitztroopers and bufftroopers. Then swarmtroopers and a shocktrooper. The last hack, thankfully, summons no one, clearing your way to the next room, and your formal introduction to the tanktrooper

These guys are tough, but not Pride Captain tough. Also, the vulnerable spot on their back is extra-prominent, and visible from 360 degrees when they perform their bombardment special attack. Take him out and follow your marker to a terminal with a cutscene. When the movie ends, flee the exploding base (though note the loot box in the first room you run through).

Reaching the elevator ends the mission.

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