Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Hector Alcazar

Exit the cell and turn right. Follow Hector downstairs and through the corridor into the guards room. Grab the gun from Hector and once the doors open, the fight begins. Head straight down the corridor until you reach the first intersection and turn right.

Go to the end of the hall and turn right top head up a flight of stairs. the next room has several guards that need to be dealt with before moving on.
You'll get a decent amount of help from the prisoners and Hectors guards. When you come to your next turn in the same room a guard will jump on your back. mash Triangle to get him off. Once you reach the next guard station you will hear chatter over the radio and Hector will tell you to get behind something. Once you've taken cover wait a moment and the wall to your right will explode and make a way for you to escape.

This will lead you into a boiler room. head straight down until you hop over a rail afterward make an immediate left.
Run down that path and jump over the boxes near the end. Once you do a guards jumps down from the rafters to attack you. Hector will deal with him.
Turn left and head up the stairs, at the top, run through the doorway and turn left. Jump down to the room below and fight off the guards who are on all sides of the room. Once the room is clear one of Hectors guards will plant a bomb on the door on the other side of the room and immediately get shot by a group of prison guard on the other side. The second wave of guards will flood the room and begin firing at you. Dispatch them all in order to carry on. You're almost done at this point.

Once you get through the door, turn left and head up the stairs. Jump over the fence into the main courtyard and take cover from the machine gun firing at you from the high tower at the other end.


Stay in cover while advancing forward and wait for one of Hectors bodyguards to fire an RPG at the tower.
Head to the end of the courtyard and make a left. You'll end up in another guard station with Hector. Wait for an explosion from upstairs.
Come through the wall and follow Hector around the corner. Jump over the guard rail and turn left, climb up the wall and jump over the railing.

Now enjoy the following cutscene ending Sams tale
And get ready to move into Chapter 6 at a very swanky Mansion.

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