<p>After a short cutscene the game begins with you making your way towards a mysterious island by boat.
This part acts a quick tutorial and has you ramming smaller enemy boats while learning the basics of camera control and vehicle movement.
Eventually a larger boat will come up on your right and begin launching bombs at you. Eventually your boat will be overturned and 
Nathan will be sent sailing through the air eventually landing in the water below. The onscreen instruction will guide you through the following scene.
Once you resurface sam will be on your left, with the boat and what follows is a brief tutorial on gunplay.
A large vessel pulls up on the right side of your boat. Take cover by pressing circle and wait for the enemy to appear. 
There will be six enemies, one of which will have a rocket launcher.<p>

<p>Once you dispatch them all, shoot the barrel towards the front of the boat.
Three smaller boats containing a total of five enemies will appear on the same side. Once they've been dealt with, the boat is fixed and you can continue on.
Run to the wheel and press triangle. Just keep pressing forward until the new scene begins.
Let's move on to chapter 1, shall we?<p>

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