A Risky Bid

Mission 12: A Risky Bid




Objective: Follow the guide


After arriving, Aiden will be escorted to the auction area by a guide. Past several armed guards and side rooms (look inside a side room on the left for an audio log).


Objective: Enter the auction


As Aiden enters the doors at the end of the long hallway, another objective will flash up.



Objective: Follow the guide


Once again Aiden will be trailing the guide. Follow him across the auction floor (profiling the crowd for money and a car) until the objective changes.


Objective: Locate Iraq


Head upstairs to find Quinn and Iraq having a nice little conversation. After the talk is over, Iraq will head towards Aiden giving him his chance to scan the tags.


Objective: Scan Iraq's id tags


When prompted, grab the tag scan and let Iraq pass before talking to Quinn. After Aiden is finished, he will be reunited with a recent acquisition and decide it's time to leave.



Objective: Escape unseen


Time for a stealth section people! Sprint towards the marker and then walk into the office (so as not to tip off the guard inside). Sneak up behind the guard and take him down before moving down the stairs (there is a focus boost item right next to him if you want it). Grab the audio log at the bottom of the stairs if you wish and then round the corner and take cover against the concrete barrier to the right. Head to the hole in the floor and drop down quickly to avoid detection.


This watery area can be dangerous as visibility is poor because of pipes and steam so be cautious when advancing. A lone guard should be standing at the end of the first corridor, wait for him to move forward a little and then take him down. Head to the right (the way the guard was heading and take cover while keeping an eye on the second guard. He should turn around after a few seconds, which is your opportunity to take him out. Head for the marker and climb up the ladder to reach the auction floor once more.


After reaching the top of the ladder, immediately move straight ahead, circling around the outer edges of the room until you reach the marker on the map. A lone guard will be wandering around but avoiding him should be easy. A door on the other side of the room leads to a staircase and Aiden's missing weaponry.


Objective: Retrieve your weapons


Grab the weapons out of the bag on the desk nearby to prompt a new objective.


Objective: Escape the area


Hack the camera through the mesh gate and then disable the access panel to open it. Head through the short area towards the marker for a cut-scene to take over. After a slight vertical detour, your stealth will be busted, so grab your pistol and umm… hack the explosive behind them and blow them all up. More goons will arrive however to your right, so change to a better cover position. An access panel on the wall (next to a well lit white door) can be activated here to save time later. Pull out your best rifle (assault or sniper) and start picking off enemies.


Once the first wave is down, head through the open mesh gate for another wave of enemies to appear down the path to the north west (Aiden's right after passing through the gate). Face plant some cover quickly to avoid detection. You can play this fight with aggressive stealth (remaining unseen, picking off enemies) or go in guns blazing. Enemies on the catwalks above can pose quite a large threat, so prioritize them when they appear.


Work your way methodically forwards, clearing out enemies (there are elites here which silence pistol head-shots will not work against, so use take-downs or a stronger gun).  After everything is clear and no more enemies are present, stop. An enforcer will come out of the gap at the end of the path when you approach the marker and will likely kill you if you are not in cover.


Set up an ambush for him using IEDs if possible (or just craft some grenades) and raise the nearby protectors for cover if you haven't already. Cautiously approach the marker and sprint for cover as soon as the enforcer appears. Trigger your ambush and take him out quickly.



Head for the marker once more to reach a new area and watch another enforcer with a few goons emerge from a nearby metal door. Take out the goon on the upper level of the central structure first as he is most likely to spot your position. Then work your way around the area, picking off the wandering enemies. Use an IED or grenades combined with an assault rifle to take down the enforcer quickly.


Once the area is clear, keep moving towards the markers, taking down any stray enemies in your way. Exit out the doorway at the edge of the area and hop in a nearby car to drive out of the search area (or swim if you don't want to risk being spotted) and the mission will conclude.



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