For The Portfolio

Mission 05: For The Portfolio




Objective: Hurry to T-Bone's junkyard


Grab a bike from the marker where the last mission ended, set your GPS on the junkyard and gun that bike.



Objective: Eliminate the militia


When you arrive, the militia will already be searching the junkyard for T-Bone. Most of the enemies here are elite class, so the silenced pistol won't work for stealth. Leaving your only option the take-down if you want to go stealth.


There is no real benefit to doing this though, so I suggest tearing through them with an assault rifle (save your explosives if possible as you will really want them later). After ripping apart the handful of enemies, T-Bone will emerge and your objective will update.


Objective: Regroup with T-Bone


Grab any ammo you need and head over to T-Bone.


Objective: Follow and defend T-Bone


T-Bone will take cover in a central dais in the middle of the junkyard. Position yourself near him in cover and prepare for the next wave of enemies. The first set of three shouldn't pose a threat but after T-Bone lets you in on his little explosives scheme, a far bigger group will arrive in cars. Time to break out those explosives people!



Use your grenades and IEDs to bring down the enforcers and vehicles as well as taking out any forces who are calling in reinforcements. This firefight is probably one of the toughest in the game if you are not prepared. Be methodical, take cover when you need to and kill off flankers as quick as you can to stay alive. You can also activate the traps surrounding your location (although I'm not sure they are very useful).


After taking care of that massive wave of enemies, the same objective will flash up again and T-Bone will move to a new spot. Follow him (to an admittedly better cover position than last time) and prepare for the next wave before taking cover (craft some more explosives if needed). This wave is essentially the same strategy-wise as the last. So hunker down, take your shots and survive.


Objective: Regroup with T-Bone


After the waves are defeated, T-Bone will run to a nearby mesh gate and another objective will flash up. Craft some more explosives and reload as it's not over yet.


Objective: Eliminate the militia to help T-Bone escape


Follow T-Bone through the gate and take cover next to him. Thankfully there are less enemies here than the last two waves, so with some decent shooting they should go down fast. The only other thing to worry about is the sniper positioned on a raised platform at the back of the area. Make sure to take him out quickly or keep out of his line of fire.


Objective: Regroup with T-Bone


Meet up with T-Bone once you are done and have some more explosive fun.


Objective: Follow T-Bone to the boat


Simply tail T-Bone to the boat and head off.



Objective: Escape pawnee with T-Bone


Just keep driving away in the boat until the conversation ends and so will the mission. Back to Chicago.



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