Diablo III The Jewel In Blizzard’s Pre-Order Crown

Diablo III The Jewel In Blizzard’s Pre-Order Crown


According to a recent Activision earnings call, Diablo III has broken Blizzard’s previous pre-order record.

Specific numbers for Diablo III pre-orders were not given, but Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime did mention that there has been an immense fan response to Diablo III ever since the beta opened up. Over two million people total signed up for the Diablo III beta, which is phenomenal for a beta test.

Additionally, 1.2 million players subscribed to the World of Warcraft Annual Pass, which comes with a free copy of Diablo III. It looks like Blizzard’s attempt to cross market the two games worked. When you add the rest of the pre-orders to that 1.2 million, it’s easy to see how Diablo III shattered Blizzard’s old record.

It’s still astounding, though, that Diablo III is selling so well, considering the fact that it won’t come with PVP support upon release. Even while temporarily alienating the PVP crowd, Diablo III is still the most appealing PC RPG on the market. Impressive!

Diablo III is set to launch next week on Tuesday the 15th. If you haven’t pre-ordered the game yet, consider doing it now in order to make Blizzard’s pre-order numbers even more ludicrous.

By Angelo M. D’Argenio

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