GTA Online has Lowrider Reward Events all Week

GTA Online has Lowrider Reward Events all Week

Usually when Rockstar Games holds an event in Grand Theft Auto V ‘s Grand Theft Auto Online , certain activities are available for the entirety of the event. Things are different this week, as the lowrider event has something new happening every day. The only constants are double GTA$ and RP all week, 75% off the prices of Bobbleheads at Benny’s Original Motor Works and 25% select items at Ammu-Nation. The other promotions make you log in every day.

Let’s start with the freebies. You can get a free hat in GTA Online every day this week. Monday’s ‘strawberry’ hat has already come and gone, but all of these are still available.

  • Tuesday: The ‘Magnetics Block’ Hat
  • Wednesday: The ‘SA’ Hat
  • Thursday: The ‘Boars’ Hat
  • Friday: The ‘Davis’ Hat
  • Saturday: The ‘Westside’ Hat
  • Sunday: The ‘Eastside’ Hat

Benny will also have a different lowrider on sale every day this week. The Declasse Voodoo was Monday’s deal, but you can still save up for these cars.

  • Tuesday: 25% off Albany Primo (Base Price & Upgrade)
  • Wednesday: 25% off Albany Buccaneer (Base Price & Upgrade)
  • Thursday: 25% off Declasse Moonbeam (Base Price & Upgrade)
  • Friday: 25% off Vapid Chino (Base Price & Upgrade)
  • Saturday: 25% off Willard Faction (Base Price & Upgrade)

If you love GTA Online , you probably log in every day already, but consider these extra incentives.

Source: Rockstar Newswire

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