7 Incredible Facts About Pokémon Emerald Everyone Forgets

Pokemon Emerald Version

7 Incredible Facts About Pokémon Emerald Everyone Forgets

Pokémon Emerald is the fifth game in the Pokémon core series and the final game of Generation III. Pokémon Emerald continued the trend of a third version being released that perfected the generation. It has new features that greatly improved Generation III and made it a fan favorite within the series.

Pokémon Emerald is so beloved that die-hard Pokémon still play the eighteen-year-old game today. Most of Pokémon Emerald’s secrets have become widely known, but there are still some obscure facts fans might have forgotten about. Today, we’re refreshing your memory of one of the most iconic Pokémon games. Here are seven incredible facts about Pokémon Emerald that everyone forgets.

7. Cartridge Color

The Pokémon series were easily the biggest games on the GameBoy and GameBoy Advance. As part of the franchise’s marketing, each game had a specialized cartridge instead of the standard black cartridges that most games had. These specialized cartridges matched the color of the game’s title.

This marketing strategy continued all the way up until Pokémon Emerald. The fifth Pokémon game was the last game to have a specialized GameBoy cartridge. After Pokémon Emerald, the franchise moved to the Nintendo DS, and all the cartridges became the standard black.

6. Gym Battle Rematches

In many of the early Pokémon games, the eight Gym Leaders were one-and-done battles. Once a player earned the Gym badge, they couldn’t battle the Gym Leader again. They were finally changed in Pokémon Emerald. Once a player beat the Elite Four and was inducted into the Pokémon Hall of Fame, they could challenge the Gym Leaders again.

These rematches worked differently than how they did originally. Instead of the standard one-on-one battle, players now had to face the Gym Leaders in Double Battles. On top of that, the Gym Leaders have a brand new team of much stronger Pokémon. Now that the player is the Pokémon Champion, they can test their skills against the ultimate forms of the eight Gym Leaders.

5. Twice the Villians

Team Magma and Aqua promo Pokemon

Most Pokemon games have one villain team per Generation that is shared between the different versions of the game. Generation III did things a bit differently. Pokémon Sapphire and Pokémon Ruby actually had different villain teams with unique goals. Team Aqua in Pokémon Sapphire wished to awaken Kyogre and expand the seas, while Team Magma in Pokémon Ruby wished to awaken Groudon and expand the world’s land.

In Pokémon Emerald, players are able to take down both villain teams at the same time. Both Team Aqua and Team Magma are present in Pokémon Emerald. Players can prove that they’re the ultimate hero by defeating both villainous teams.

4. Gym Leader Promotion

The Gym Leader and Elite Four roster are usually standardized across all the different versions in the generation. Regardless of which version of the game you purchase, the Gym Leaders and Elite Four members are usually the same.

Pokémon Emerald introduces a slightly changed list of Gym Leaders and Elite Four. The Ice-type Gym Leader, in Sootopolis Gym, Wallace, has been replaced with a man named Juan. Wallace has gotten a promotion and become the new Pokémon Champion.

3. Mew is Catachable

An in-game screenshot from Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

©Screenshot from Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Mew is easily one of the most elusive Pokémon in the game. This Pokémon has been surrounded by rumors on how to catch it ever since Generation I. Despite all the rumors and lies on the internet, the only way to obtain Mew is either through Pokémon Events or by glitching it into the game. For the longest time, this iconic Pokémon remained truly uncatchable.

That is until Pokémon Emerald introduced a new method to obtain Mew. A new location called Faraway Island was added in Pokémon Emerald, which is considered the only known habitat of Mew. On this island, players can battle and actually catch Mew. Even today, Pokémon Emerald is one of the only Pokémon games where Mew can be caught.

2. First Wireless Pokemon Game

Multiplayer has always been a part of the Pokémon series. Trading the exclusive Pokémon found in each version with another person is the only way to obtain every single Pokémon. Players are encouraged to battle against their friends to see who’s the better Pokémon trainer. In the past, this was done through the Game Link Cable, which physically connected the handheld consoles.

All that changed with Pokémon Emerald. After the release of Pokémon Emerald, the GameBoy Advance Wireless Adapters were introduced to the world. For the first time, trading and battling could be done without cables or cords. The adapter could also be used to play multiplayer minigames wirelessly. Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen were the only other Pokémon games that were compatible with the Wireless Adapter.

1. A Champion’s Champion

Although Wallace has become the new Champion in Pokémon Emerald, the old Champion is still present and well. Players can find the old Champion, Steven Stone, at Meteor Falls after they’ve been inducted into the Hall of Fame. You can even challenge the old master to a Pokémon battle.

But players should be on their guard when challenging Steven. Retirement hasn’t dulled his skills in the slightest. In fact, Steven is even stronger than he was in Pokémon Sapphire and Ruby. Steven’s Pokémon team is twenty levels higher than they were in the previous games. Although he may not have the title of Champion anymore, Steven is still a Champion at heart.

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