Next-Gen Launch Games We Want (But Won’t Get)

Next-Gen Launch Games We Want (But Won’t Get)

We are on the cusp of the next generation of video game consoles. Despite some weird half-reveals that have us just over a year away from these things without knowing what they even look like, we know for sure it’s happening. Come holiday 2020, we’ll be talking about the PlayStation 5 and the next Xbox. At this point, we know nothing about launch titles. However, I figured we could have some fun and toss out ideas that probably won’t happen, but would be awesome.

A new and good Crash Bandicoot game

Crash Bandicoot has somehow become Activision’s secret weapon. While the publisher struggles with anything that isn’t Call of Duty , the Crash Bandicoot remakes came out of nowhere and have been ludicrously popular. Meanwhile, actual new games died off a while ago, thanks to most of the ones that came out being pretty bad. So what if this renewed Activision interest in older IPs turned into a new game, made by the remake teams? That could end in tragedy, but it could also end up being a huge deal.

A Sonic the Hedgehog game given enough time, resources, and money.

We either love Sonic the Hedgehog , or wish we could love the games. That’s why so much energy goes into dumping on each new game when it comes out. It’s because the issue isn’t Sonic , but the low turnaround times, the low budgets, and general lack of resources Sonic Team always gets. But we’ve seen great stuff happen with non-core Sonic titles. Now that Sonic Team doesn’t really exist anymore, perhaps Sega has let its developers breathe and work on nailing a new entry in time for the console launches. Yeah, that won’t happen, but it would be cool.

Dino Crisis

Capcom has been on a tear lately, remaking Resident Evil 2 and dropping one great game after another. (Well, except for Marvel vs Capcom. ) The company has already stated it’s going to continue mining its dormant IP for new content, and what could be better to drop as a launch title than a new Dino Crisis ? That series was always Resident Evil ’s scrappy little sibling and somehow retains a cult classic reputation, despite its goofy concept. What if current Capcom tackled it with the same juice that powered Resident Evil 7 and Devil May Cry 5 ?

Next-Gen Launch Games We Want (But Won’t Get)

Mass Effect

It’s hard to believe the state of BioWare right now. At one time, the world was enraptured with the classic RPG developer after the Mass Effect trilogy and Dragon Age (mostly) took the world by storm. Since then, we’ve learned about the “BioWare magic” concept and internal upset that led to that weird fever dream called Mass Effect: Andromeda . After Anthem didn’t exactly land well, it’s hard to see what could be in the developer’s future. Perhaps Dragon Age 4 will help. There’s no way an exciting new Mass Effect could be a PS5 launch game, but how wild would that be if it was?

A new Castlevania

Okay, look– Castlevania is hot right now. We’re approaching season three of the Netflix series in 2019, which everyone loves. There’s a nice collection on every platform, a PS4 port of the really great games, and Bloodstained from Castlevania legend Koji Igarashi. The people want the series right now. Konami has been dipping its toes back into video game development, and a new console feels like the time to revive this IP with something new. Let’s put Lords of Shadow behind us and try something else for the next generation. Thanks!

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