Next Mass Effect survey may suggest Dark Souls, Diablo and Dota 2 Inspirations

Next Mass Effect survey may suggest Dark Souls, Diablo and Dota 2 Inspirations

As reported by PCGamesN, a recent survey regarding BioWare’s next addition to the Mass Effect franchise has revealed that the developer may use Dark Souls , Diablo or Dota 2 as inspirations for the next Mass Effect .

The Mass Effect trilogy’s project director Casey Hudson recently published a survey that specifically asked what would-be players of the next Mass Effect have been playing lately.

Games such as Mass Effect , The Old Republic , The Witcher , Fable and The Elder Scrolls made their way into the survey, but games such as Dark Souls , Diablo , Watch_Dogs , Dota 2 and League of Legends also made their way into the survey as well.

It is unclear how and in what way the results of this survey will influence the development of the next Mass Effect . Furthermore, other questions in the list suggest resource allocation, specifically if players are more interested in story, exploration, combat or customization.

In a follow-up question, the survey also asks whether or not things like “optimising kit and skills”, “alternative story outcomes” or even levelling up are important to players, according to PCGamesN.

We’ve established that the next Mass Effect game will reference the series’ original trilogy , but the game itself will not be directly related to it. Furthermore, BioWare will be revealing additional details of the next Mass Effect at this year’s Comic-Con.

In-progress footage of BioWare’s next Mass Effect was revealed during this year’s E3 , where several members of BioWare’s team discussed the studio’s goal to create a story that can be discovered as interactive fiction. The studio will also be taking on board feedback from Mass Effect fans regarding what the want in the next installment to the Mass Effect franchise.

You can watch the next Mass Effect’s in-progress E3 footage via the embedded video below. We’ll bring you more news on Bioware’s next Mass Effect should further information reach our ears.

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