PayPal Allegedly Lets Slip on Upcoming Steam Autumn Sale

PayPal Allegedly Lets Slip on Upcoming Steam Autumn Sale

According to a supposedly accidentally leak on behalf of PayPal, Steam will soon be tempting you to empty your wallets again, because the digital distribution client’s Autumn sale is reportedly starting tomorrow on Wednesday, November 26.

This heads-up was supposedly delivered via email to an unknown number of PayPal users, which details that Steam’s Autumn sale will end on Monday, December 1. An official announcement on Steam even holding an Autumn sale has yet to be said.

The email itself advertised PayPal as a means of buying Steam Wallet Codes, to then be used for the supposedly forthcoming Autumn sale if you so desired.

Save on thousands of games during Steam’s Fall Sale starting November 26, ” the PayPal email reportedly said. “ Now’s the time to stock up on Steam Wallet Codes from the PayPal Digital Gift Store, so when the sale starts, you’re ready to buy games for yourself, friends and family. And remember, by choosing PayPal—the simpler, safer way to shop for digital games–you choose cheer.

It’s suggested that you may want to hold off from buying some games until Black Friday (November 28), as it’s anticipated that games will be further discounted on that day.

We’ll bring you more news on Steam’s Autumn sale should further information reach ears.

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