RUMOR: Team Ico Director Leaving Sony?

RUMOR: Team Ico Director Leaving Sony?


Fumito Ueda, who is best known for designing and directing ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, has reportedly packed up his cubicle at Sony. Currently, the news remains unconfirmed by Sony or Ueda, but an industry insider told Eurogamer that Ueda’s departure was part of the reason for The Last Guardian’s many delays.

Ueda is not known for releasing his games in a timely manner. Shadow of the Colossus took roughly four years to complete, and The Last Guardian was first announced way back in 2007. The developer reportedly has no plans to completely abandon the project, but will stay on as a freelancer until the game has been completed.

There’s no word on what Ueda will be working on after his tenure at Sony is up, but rumor has it that he has several personal projects on the back burner that he will begin to develop once Guardian has been completed.

Hopefully Ueda’s departure won’t result in even more delays for The Last Guardian. The game was announced in 2007, but a trailer wasn’t completed until 2009. And even though Sony had attached a 2011 release date to Guardian at the 2010 Tokyo Game Show, it was later retracted. There’s currently no word on when the title will actually hit the shelves.

We should probably all just replay ICO and Shadow of the Colossus while we wait.

By Josh Engen

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