RUMOR: Wii U Double The Power Of Xbox 360?

RUMOR: Wii U Double The Power Of Xbox 360?


As we get closer to the Wii U’s release date, rumors surrounding the console are becoming more and more numerous. The most recent untrustworthy piece of gossip has to do with its system specifications.

Now, obviously, we don’t have any official word from Nintendo about the Wii U’s specs, but Develop, a UK-based website, reportedly had the chance to speak with one of the developers. Their source is insisting that the upcoming console will be “twice as powerful” as the Xbox 360. However, from where I’m sitting, this seems impossibly high.

The craziest part of the rumor is that these specs are reportedly less powerful than Nintendo originally promised. “I’ve heard [a project designer] complain it’s underpowered compared to what Nintendo announced, resulting in people having to de-scale their plans,” said the anonymous source.

We’ll probably have to wait until E3 rolls around to get any type of official look at the Wii U’s hardware, but if this report is accurate, it would mean that Nintendo may be trying to take a chunk out of Microsoft and Sony’s hardcore gamer market rather than being content with their family-friendly, casual gamers.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

By Josh Engen

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