Three Silent Hill Release Dates Revealed

Three Silent Hill Release Dates Revealed


Earlier this month, Konami delivered an announcement that should have come with a handful of anti-depressants for every Silent Hill fan: Two of their upcoming SH titles were going to be delayed until some unnamed date in 2012 . Naturally, fans were pretty disappointed, but it’s a feeling they’ve become used to since the Silent Hill movie was released.

Well, Konami has made up for their lack of anti-depressants by revealing the details of the 2012 plans for Silent Hill. As it stands, the developer is planning to release one Silent Hill game per month for the first 3 months of 2012.

In January, gamers will be able to pick up the Silent Hill HD Collection, a package containing Silent Hill 2 and 3. Both have been visually reworked and include a few modern tweaks and some new voice acting.

In February, we’ll finally get our hands on the mysterious Silent Hill Book of Memories for the PS Vita. Konami has kept a pretty tight lid on the frightening details about Book of Memories, only saying “This cooperative mode lets players explore the Otherworlds together, while scare surroundings, limited resources, and dark atmosphere keep the tension high. The story follows a mysterious book, which includes all of the player’s memory– and this content can be altered…” If any game can make the Vita into a tiny, handheld terror device, it’s Silent Hill.

And in March, Silent Hill fans will finally get a look at Silent Hill: Downpour. “Silent Hill: Downpour marks the series’ return to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and brings a completely original storyline which follows Murphy Pendleton, a convict stranded in the foggy, malevolent world of Silent Hill” said a Konami Rep. “Pendleton begins the game lost and alone in the woods on the outskirts of the fabled town, when his prison transport bus crashes…”

The point is, my shrink is going to have to hear about my Pyramid Head nightmares again.

By Josh Engen

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