Watch_Dogs on Wii U Won’t Include “Bad Blood” DLC

Watch_Dogs on Wii U Won’t Include “Bad Blood” DLC

As revealed on Wednesday, September 24, the forthcoming release of Watch_Dogs’ on Nintendo’s Wii U will not come included with the recently released “ Bad Blood ” DLC, which is now available to those with and without the game’s Season Pass.

This was confirmed via Watch_Dogs’ official Twitter account, where–in response to a query about whether or not the game would ship to the Wii U with the new DLC–it was plainly stated that Bad Blood would not be included with the Wii U version of Watch_Dogs .

@ToniCodrea No, the WiiU version will not have the DLC.

— Watch Dogs (@watchdogsgame) September 24, 2014

During a recent interview, Watch_Dogs developer Ubisoft Montreal has revealed that it has high ambitions for the sequel of Ubisoft’s new franchise, promising that a series of “ radical ” changes will tackle the first game’s flaws and problems .

Back in April, it was announced that Watch_Dogs would release on the Wii U this Fall , which would be several months after the game released on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC.

We’ll bring you more news on Watch_Dogs should further information reach our ears.

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